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MFN - Milano Film Network unites the experience and resources of Milan’s seven film festivals for a cultural offering throughout the year and a series of services for those who operate in the cinema and in the audiovisual sector in Milan and in Italy.

The network is realized thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Cariplo, is the result of the self-organization of the seven film festivals held in Milan – African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, Festival MIX Milano, Filmmaker, Invideo, Milano Film Festival, Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Sport Movies & Tv Fest – and aims to include not only operators of the audiovisual sector but also institutions and socio-economic players, in recognition of the value of the cinema as a form of art but also as a productive sector which generates positive consequences for the urban fabric.

The primary objective of the project is, in the short term, to create a system of cinema around the city of Milan, i.e. a stable model of collaboration through an inter-organizational network, in the first place between the film festivals, which allows an innovative exchange of knowledge, instrumental resources, services and opportunities.

In the long term, the project aims to make Milan “The city of independent cinema”, making the most of its resources through a network open to the participation of other subjects.

The activity of the MFN is developed in two main areas. On the one hand, an offer of SERVICES linked to the production of the event supporting the network and at the disposal of the local area, including management of hospitality, the systems of subtitling, technological adaptation of the technical equipment for the screenings (in view of the inevitable passage from film to digital technology); movement of the screening copies of the films that will be shown during the festivals; the service of venue management, in agreement with the management of the cinemas and the other culktural venues; the organization of the voluntary service, typical of the cultural events with a great participation, in particular by young people.

On the other hand, the organization of a calendar of activities of scheduling and permanent exhibition, in collaboration with other subjects who also operate in the cinema, such as te creation of a common archive and the digitalization of the works in the archives of the individual festivals, the distribution of the films in the cinemas, the organization of workshops and training paths, starting up initiatives of production of audiovisual projects.







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Coming Up to the MID | 3rd and 4th December 2016

10 Novembre 2016

Sixty-eight Italian feature films have entered for the 2016 MFN Atelier Call. 22% are projects by young filmmakers under 35. Documentaries make up the majority but the percentage of fiction films is growing and has reached 25%. The entrants come from all over Italy, especially from Lazio, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont. The 5 finalists who will take part in MID (3rd/ 4th December 2016) will be selected from them and will present their rough cuts and on 4th December the awards for post-production, decided by the jury, will be disputed. In June Bando In Progress selected 20 projects from the 69 entered for the workshop. From these, Chiara Arrigo and Andrea Sorini have already obtained funding for development from the MIBACT (Italian Ministry of Culture). Carlo Hintermann and Michelangelo Frammartino (Mentors of In Progress 2016), Leonardo di Costanzo, Minnie Ferrara and Giona Nazzaro will designate the 10 finalists who on 3rd December will contend for the 3 development grants oin front of the same jury and in the presence of Carlo Chatrian, Director of the Festival of Locarno.

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